Middle East & South Asia

Exploring the complex cultural, historical, literary, and political context of the Middle East and South Asia, marrying the depth of perspective gained from sustained attention to particular world areas (MESALC) with the Global Studies Program's distinctive attention to critical global inquiry. 

GSMS Capstone Theses

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Class of 2020

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Alicia Furlan Primary and Higher Education in Kerala, India: Success, Failures, and Patterns"
Ishani Pendse The Human Body and Health as Microcosm and Model for Human Interactions with Nature: Examining Biomedicine and Ayurveda in the Contemporary Context
Marjan Saud Religious Morality in Economic Structures: Pakistan and the ​Zakat​ System
Mel Throckmorton Governing through infrastructure: The politics of urban water access in Cairo, Egypt
Reshma Shrestha Would the Real Kashmir Please Stand up? Analysis of Kashmir conflict and Kashmiri subjects in Hindi Films
Sarah Daley The Assignment of Humanitarian Legitimacy in Aid Operations of Italy and China
Sarah Roya Female Education in Afghanistan: Access and Challenges
Shermeen Imam Politics of Urdu in India

Class of 2019

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Fazlah Rahaman Kurdish Nationalism and Islam
Grayson Rost The Role of Civil Society Production within American Democracy Promotion in the Middle East
Isha Kelkar Cultural Conceptions of Menstruation in India: An Analysis of Women's Health and Access to Healthcare
John Urbano With Borders Like These, Who Needs Identities? An Analysis of the Border Conflict in the Western Sahara
Maha Ghori The Production of Women's Silence During and After the Partition of India
Stearns Swetnam Co-Production: Social Knowledge Production in Islamic Banking

Class of 2018

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Makeda Petiri The Bidoons of Kuwait: A Human Rights Discourse