GSGS 3220 – Making Culture Visible

Summer Session 2023 | Virtual
Catarina Krizancic

“Making Culture Visible” is an asynchronous, short summer course that deepens education abroad, helping students reach the full potential of what can be a transformational learning experience. Its goal is to support students’ projects with participant observation, reflection, and narrative construction on the cross-cultural learning that comes from doing research or service in other countries. We use students’ direct experience and the work and exploration they already plan to make as the basis of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of GSGS3220?

GSGS3220 is a one-credit course designed to support students who undertake an immersive research, service, or internship project abroad in the summer. Grounded in ethnographic method, it focuses on three skillsets that are key to being effective in cross-cultural work, regardless of discipline: observation, understanding, and communication.

When is GSGS3220 offered?

GSGS3220 is offered during Summer Sessions I, II, and III. However, each student develops a personal schedule for assignments in collaboration with the instructor, based on the exact dates when they will be abroad.

How do I enroll?

Students receiving University funding for an internship, research, or service project abroad will automatically be enrolled as part of their award in May. Summer 2023 tuition is $412 for Virginia residents and $537 for non-Virginia residents and is billed to your SIS account.

Who is my instructor? How is the course delivered? How will I be graded?

Sections and instructors are assigned in May, and you can expect to receive a welcome email with further course details and a syllabus at that time. The course is delivered as a remote, coaching dialogue while students are abroad and does not meet as a class or in person. GSGS3220 is one credit and graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.

Is GSGS3220 required? Can it count towards my major? What do graduate students do?

GSGS3220 is required for any undergraduate who receives research, service, or internship awards from the Office of the Provost (and its reporting units) and who will be abroad consecutively for three or more weeks. It is an elective and does not count towards any of the Global Studies major track requirements. Graduate and professional students are not required to take GSGS3220.

What does the course title mean?

The title refers to a statement about the effects of culture shock by the late anthropologist Roy Wanger. It reflects how the course is grounded in theory despite its practical assignments.

Culture is made visible by culture-shock, by subjecting oneself to situations beyond one’s normal interpersonal competence and objectifying the discrepancy as an entity
– Roy Wagner (1977)

What if I have questions?

For other questions about GSGS3220, contact the instructor directly.