Brian P. Owensby

Professor, Director of Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation



Book project: Gain and Global Transformation in the "Land without Evil." Settlers, Guaraní and Jesuits in Early-Modern Paraguay.

Meanings of Justice in British and Iberian America: Settler and Indigenous Law as Counterpoints, 1600-1825, B. Owensby & R. Ross, eds., NYU Press (forthcoming 2017)

Empire of Law and Indian Justice in Colonial Mexico (Stanford, 2008; paperback 2011). Winner Murdo J. McLeod Book Prize, 2008. Latin America and Caribbean Section of the Southern Historical Association.

Intimate Ironies: Making Middle-Class Lives in Modern Brazil (Stanford, 1999; paperback 2001)


B.A. Oberlin College, Economics, 1981

J.D. Univ. of Michigan Law School, 1984

Ph.D. Princeton University, History, 1994