Dana Elzey

Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering; Director, Rodman Scholars Program

Research Interests

Dr. Elzey's research interests are in the processing, properties and mechanics of composites, modeling and optimization of microstructure evolution during processing, and active cellular materials.

Professonal Experience and Memberships

Research staff of General Electric and the Max-Planck Institute of Germany

Honors and Awards

Harold S. Morton, Jr. Award for Teaching, University of Virginia 2000-2001

Materials Science & Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2002

Selected Publications

Mechanismen der Ermuedung and Kriech-Ermuedung in dispersionsgehaerteten Superlegierungen, D.M. Elzey, VDI Verlag, Reihe 5: Grund- und Werkstoffe, Nr. 175, 1989, pp. 252

Elzey, D.M. and Arzt, E., Crack Initiation and Propagation During Hight Temperature Fatigue of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Superalloys, Metallurgical Transactions A 22 837, 1991

Elzey, D.M. and Wadley, H.N.G., Modeling the Densification of Metal Matrix Composite Monotape, Acta Metall. et Mater. 41 (8) 2297, 1993

Elzey, D.M. Gampala, R. and Wadley, H.N.G., Power-Law Creep Blunting of Contacts and its implications for Consolidation Modeling, Acta Metall. et Mater. 44 (4), 1479, 1996

Elzey, D.M., Assessing the Affordability of Emerging Materials and Processes, JOM 50 (4), 22, 1998

Elzey, D.M., Vancheeswaran, R., Myers, S. and McLellan, R.G., Multi-criteria optimization in the design of composites for friction applications in: Brakes 2000 Automotive Braking - Technologies for the 21 st Century, eds. David Barton and Stephen Earle, Professional Engineering Publishing Ltd., London, UK, 197, 2000

D.M. Elzey, A.Y.N. Sofla and H.N.G. Wadley, A bio-inspired, high-authority actuator for shape morphing stuctures, in Smart Structures and Materials 2003: Active Materials: Behavior and Mechanics, D. Lagoudas, ed., Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 5053, 2003

J.L. Gray, N. Singh, D.M. Elzey, R. Hull and J.A. Floro, Kinetic Size Selection Mechanicsms in Intrinsic Quantum Dot Molecules, Phys. Rev. Ltrs., accepted 2004