Peter Furia

Director of Global Studies-Security and Justice. Associate Professor of Politics & Global Studies

Peter Furia teaches the track foundation and capstone seminar courses in GSSJ and has served as its director since its inception in 2014. Much of his research addresses public opinion and comparative foreign policy and utilizes survey and web data to test claims about group identity and inter-group enmity in international relations. His other interests include mass-elite relations in democracies, the patriotism-cosmopolitanism debate and the history of international political thought. His research articles have appeared in Global Society, International Interactions, International Studies Quarterly and Polity and he has also published over a dozen book chapters and shorter articles. He is co-editor (with Richard Sobel and Bethany Barratt) of Public Opinion and International Intervention: Lessons from the Iraq War (Potomac 2012). In addition to his academic work, he has consulted on projects for GSSJ-relevant organizations ranging from the Department of Homeland Security to Oxfam America.