Global Development Studies

An undergraduate interdisciplinary program with a focus on social justice, sustainable economic development, public health, global interconnection, and public service.

Student Profiles

Anaïse Jean-Philippe
GDS | Class of 2015

"After I graduated from UVA, I worked as a case manager at a women's shelter in Boston. There, I helped participants on their long journeys to find affordable housing. This task was more challenging than I initially expected. However, I learned a lot about the ways the city functions, and how history and policies have resulted in unequal access to jobs and housing. These realizations led me to a program in City Planning at UC Berkeley. After graduation, I will start as a Regional and Preservation Fellow with Enterprise Community Partners where I will be working on initiatives to ensure that housing in the Bay Area remains affordable. 

Above all of this, I have taken up embroidery, and roller-skating in recent months! Hoping to really improve on these for the foreseeable future!"


Michelle Miles
GDS | Class of 2019

Michelle Miles recently had a film accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. The link is here:  Michelle says to go back to the beginning of the film as soon as you reach the end.