Summer 2021 Courses

SUMMER SESSION 1 - May 24 - June 16

GSGS 2010 - 001 - Global Commerce in Culture

MTWRF 1:00PM-3:45PM | Online Synchronous
Laura Goldblatt

A liberal arts perspective on commerce, or business, as a part of modern American (and global) culture.

GSGS 2559 - 001 - Critical Conceptions of the Global

MTWRF 10:30AM-12:45PM | Online Synchronous
Tessa Farmer

This course examines leading schools of thought in Global Studies from a critical perspective. Students will engage with foundational political, social, and cultural concepts that underpin contemporary economic, cultural, and political institutions of power. The course brings together material from anthropology, political theory, and cultural studies.

GSGS 4559 - 001 - Social Movement & Healthy Publics

MTWRF 8:30AM-10:45AM | Online Synchronous
David Edmunds

Students learn from public health activists of Movement for Change and Social Justice in South Africa. We’ll study the historical context for public health activism in townships, review case studies, and practice skills, from mundane (note-taking, posting to media, report writing) to more sophisticated (facilitating dialogue, mobilizing human and financial resources, assessing community assets, influencing policy, conducting action research).

GSVS 3110 - 001 - Sustainable Communities

MTWRF 1:00PM-3:15PM | Online Synchronous
Phoebe Crisman

This seminar investigates the principles of sustainable community development--environmental quality, economic health, and social equity--as reflected in buildings, rural landscapes, towns, and cities. Through case studies, class activities and site visits, we will examine how communities impact and improve basic environmental-quality variables such as air and water quality, food supply, mobility, energy, and sense of place.

Students cannot enroll if previously taken GSVS 3559 topic 2: Sustainable Communities

GSVS 3160 - 001 - The Politics of Food

MTWRF 10:00AM-3:00PM | Online Synchronous
Paul Freedman

How and what we eat is basic to who we are as individuals, as a culture, and as a polity. This course looks at the production and consumption of food in a political context, focusing on controversies over agricultural subsidies, labeling requirements, taxation, farming practices, food safety, advertising and education.


SUMMER SESSION 2 - June 21 - July 16

GDS 4559 - 001 – Arts Activism and The Black Power Station

MTWRF TBD | Online Synchronous
Noel Lobley

Students will learn from the The Black Power Station's, arts-based activists to design, build and sustain arts programming and creative economies that embody African humanism and promote black liberation. The course will overlap with The National Arts Festival in Makhanda, the biggest inter-arts festival on the African continent and TBPS's own independent festival programming. All students will have a chance contribute to live arts events.

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