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Connection to Community - Global Studies Storytelling Event


This event is about exploring our stories and building the storyteller within each of us. Through conversation, we will discover and share narratives about our relationship to our communities.


1:30 pm - event begins
15mins - chat and sit down, get food

Introduction of the Theme: Community

  • what we’re doing
  • why storytelling
  • inviting students to share their stories
  • mentioning the calendar for the events

Introduction of Speakers:

  • Dusty & Jeremy introduce themselves
  • Participants introduce themselves and tell us what communities they come from

Introduction of the Challenge:

Participants are encouraged to respond with a story:

What does Community mean to you?
Who is your community?
What is your place in your community
How invested are you in your community?
What are the things you like of dislike about your community?

  • What’s the difference between a friend, a community member, and a network connection to you? How does that change for you?
  • What does it mean to be invested in your community and how do you show it?

A time when I felt LOVED by my community ...
A time when I felt LAUGHTER …..