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Going Global

Going Global - Global Studies at UVA

Interested in going abroad, but not sure the best place to study? Check out this resource on the International Studies Office's website. You can filter by your major (Global Studies) and concentration. 

Keep in mind this is just a starting point. For more information, set up an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor.


Study Abroad Scholarships

Aigrain Global Scholarship: Every year, Global Studies awards at least two (2) undergraduate scholarships for travel and research abroad (up to $4,000 each). To learn more about the scholarship and how to apply, click here

Kapadia Family Global Studies Travel Award: One to two undergraduate awards to support travel and research abroad are offered each year (up to $7,500). To learn more about the award and how to apply, click here


Global Internships

UVA Global Internships facilitates academic experiences of global work for University undergraduates. We are a unit within the Education Abroad division of the International Studies Office. Our expanding portfolio of summer-term programs features exciting international locations and a diversity of meaningful internship opportunities. Each program is offered within an academic framework, providing direct UVA credit and the means to connect your personally enriching experience of international work to broader global themes and trends. Students applying to one of our Global Internships programs are eligible to be considered for the UVA Global Internships Scholarship.


Making Culture Visible

GSGS 3220: Making Culture Visible is an asynchronous, short summer course that deepens education abroad, helping students reach the full potential of what can be a transformational learning experience. Learn more about this course here.


Where We've Been


Programs Global Studies majors have been involved in since 2018


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UVA in 6 out of 7 Continents

UVA Architecture: Healthy & Sustainable Europe: United Kingdom
UVA Global Internships: Virtual Internships
UVA in Argentina: Global Technology Consulting (January Term)
UVA in Australia: Australia Since 1788 (January Term)
UVA in Belgium: Language, Speech, and Culture (January Term)
UVA in Berlin and Dortmund: Germany, Past and Present (January Term)
UVA in Cape Town: Public Health Advocacy and Community Organizing in South Africa
UVA in Dominica: Social Entrepreneurship in Small Island Developing States
UVA in Dublin: Internship Placement Program (IPP) Global
UVA in England: Evolving Humans: The Worlds of Darwin, Stonehenge, and Modern London (January Term)
UVA in England: IRC in London & Oxford
UVA in Germany and Switzerland: Investing in a Sustainable Future (January Term)
UVA in Greece: Odyssey in the Anthropocene
UVA in Hungary: Experiencing Hungarian Music and Cultural History
UVA in India & the UAE: Innovation & Consumption (January Term)
UVA in India: Urban Transformations: Exploring Sustainability Past and Present in India (January Term)
UVA in Ireland & N. Ireland: Policies for Conflict and Peace
UVA in Italy: Florence: General Studies (in affiliation with ISI)
UVA in Italy: Photography and Italian Art History
UVA in Italy: Renaissance and Baroque Rome (January Term)
UVA in Italy: Siena (in affiliation with CET)
UVA in Jordan: Cultural Authenticity in a Modern Middle Eastern Society (January Term)
UVA in Kenya: Swahili Cultures, Then & Now (January Term)
UVA in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore: Asian Financial Capitals (January Term)
UVA in London: Culture of London: Past and Present
UVA in London: The Theatrical City (January Term)
UVA in Lyon (Summer)
UVA in Mexico: Muralism, Indigeneity & Contemporary Art in Cholula
UVA in Morocco: Arabic Language
UVA in Morocco: Participatory Development in Practice
UVA in Oxford
UVA in Paris: Global Internships
UVA in Paris: Making Paris Modern (January Term)
UVA in Portugal: Empire, Colonies, and Democracy (January Term)
UVA in St. Kitts and Nevis: Public Health Sciences
UVA in Sweden: Global Sustainability Consulting
UVA in the Bahamas: Marine Biology
UVA in Valencia: Business
UVA in Valencia: Global Health
UVA in Valencia: Health Sciences
UVA in Valencia: Language and Culture
UVA in Valencia: Sports, Language, & Culture
UVA in Vietnam: An Ecological-Economic Exploration (January Term)
UVA in Vietnam: Hanoi's Hong River: Development, Climate, and Rights to the City
UVA London First: Global Cultures in a World City
UVA Commerce: Semester Abroad: Argentina & Chile: IES Emerging Economies
UVA Commerce: Semester Abroad: Denmark: DIS Copenhagen
UVA Commerce: Semester Abroad: Singapore: National University of Singapore
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Exchange Programs

UVA Exchange: Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg
UVA Exchange: American University in Cairo
UVA Exchange: Korea University
UVA Exchange: Sciences Po PARIS
UVA Exchange: Sciences Po LILLE
UVA Exchange: Taiwan: National Chengchi University
UVA Exchange: University of Amsterdam
UVA Exchange: University of Auckland
UVA Exchange: University of Edinburgh
UVA Exchange: University of Glasgow
UVA Exchange: University of Lyon 2
UVA Exchange: University of Melbourne
UVA Exchange: University of New South Wales
UVA Exchange: University of Otago
UVA Exchange: University of St. Andrews
UVA Exchange: University of Tasmania


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Global Internships, IES, SIT Programs and More!

AIFS Barcelona, Spain (Student Petitioned)
AIFS: Costa Rica (Student Petitioned)
AIFS: Florence, Italy (Student Petitioned)
Arcadia: Australia: Sydney: Summer Internship  
Arcadia: Australia: Sydney: UNSW (Student Petitioned)
Ben Gurion Univ Israel: Arava Institute (Student Petitioned)
Ben-Gurion University: Israel: Beer-Sheva: Ginsburg-Ingerman Overseas Student Program
Brazil Cultural (Student Petitioned)
CEA Madrid, Spain (Student Petitioned)
CEA Seville, Spain (Student Petitioned)
CIEE Madrid: Business (Student Petitioned)
CIEE Open Campus: London/Berlin/Paris (Student Petitioned)
CIEE: Jordan: Amman: Middle East Studies Program (Summer)
CIEE: Toulouse, France (Student Petitioned)
College Year in Athens (Summer)
DIS: Denmark
DIS: Scandinavia: Summer: Mix & Match
DIS: Sweden
IAU College: France: Aix-en-Provence
IES Abroad: Nice, France (Student Petitioned)
IES Abroad: Siena, Italy (Student Petitioned)
IES: Australia: Sydney: University of New South Wales
IES: Chile: Santiago: Health Studies (Summer)
IES: Ecuador: Quito: Environmental Studies (Summer)
IES: France: Paris: Business & International Affairs
IES: Germany: Freiburg: Environmental Studies & Sustainability
IES: Germany: Freiburg: European Union
IES: Ireland: Dublin: Intensive Acting (Summer)
IES: Italy: Milan: Internship (Summer)
IES: Italy: Rome: Language & Area Studies
IES: Spain: Barcelona: Liberal Arts & Business
IES: Spain: Barcelona: Political Science & International Relations
IES: Spain: Madrid: Language & Area Studies
IFE: France: Paris: Field Study and Internship
IFSA: Ireland: Cork: University College Cork
ISA Spain: Salamanca (Student Petitioned)
ISI Abroad: Italy: The Umbra Institute
JMU Kenya & Tanzania (Student Petitioned)
Kent State University: Geneva
Korea University: Summer
London School of Economics Summer School
Middlebury Russia: Irkustk (Student Petitioned)
Parsons Paris Visiting Students Program (Student Petitioned)
SEA Semester: The Global Ocean (Student Petitioned)
Semester at Sea
SFS Bhutan (Student Petitioned)
SFS: Costa Rica (Student Petitioned)
SFS: Costa Rica: Food Systems: Sustainability and Conservation (summer)
SFS: Turks & Caicos: Marine Megafauna (summer)
SIT Bolivia (Student Petitioned)
SIT Colombia (Student Petitioned)
SIT India (Student Petitioned)
SIT Portugal (Student Petitioned)
SIT: Argentina: Buenos Aires: Social Movements and Human Rights
SIT: Chile: Santiago: Comparative Education and Social Change
SIT: Chile: Valparaiso: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development
SIT: Ecuador: Quito: Development, Politics, and Languages
SIT: IHP: Health and Community (Fall 2)
SIT: Jordan: Amman: Counseling and Humanitarian Action Internship (summer)
SIT: Jordan: Amman: Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East
SIT: Jordan: Amman: Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action
SIT: Morocco: Rabat: Human Rights, Social Justice, and Cultural Transformation
SIT: Morocco: Rabat: Migration and Transnational Identity
SIT: Switzerland: Geneva: Global Health and Development Policy
SIT: Tanzania: Arusha: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology
St Anne's Visiting Student Programme - Oxford, United Kingdom (Student Petitioned)
St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain
University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Direct-Enroll (Student Petitioned)
USAC Alicante, Spain (Student Petitioned)
USAC Brazil: Florianopolois (Student Petitioned)


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