Global Studies Security and Justice

Allowing students to explore both empirical and ethical aspects of conflict in the world today.

Major Requirements

The major in Global Studies Security & Justice requires 30 total credits plus a language competency as defined below. 

There are currently no prerequisites for applicants to the major.  Students considering GSSJ are nonetheless encouraged to enroll in one or more GSSJ Electives or Global Studies core courses.


  • Choose at least 3 courses from the following areas:
    • Global History
    • Global Humanities
    • Global Societies & Cultures
    • Global Diagnostics 


  • GSSJ 3010: Global Issues of Security and Justice
    • Open only to GSSJ majors -- typically completed during the fall of junior year


  • GSSJ 4991: Capstone Seminar in Security and Justice
    • Open only to GSSJ majors -- typically completed during the spring of senior year


  • These electives can be selected from the available course list. Student-proposed electives, including internships and independent study courses will also be considered.
  • Students taking four core courses may complete only five electives. Students completing three core courses must complete six electives.

LANGUAGE COMPETENCY (one of the below options)

  • One (1) course beyond the 2020 level of any language taught at UVA (or in an approved study-abroad program)
  • If a student has reached the 2020 level in one language but does not want to go further with that language, the student can satisfy the requirement by studying a second language and reaching the 1020 level





GSSJ 3010 Global Issues of Security and Justice
FURIA, MW 2-3:15pm

All GSSJ majors have a guaranteed spot in this course. 


HIST 2002 History of the Modern World Since 1760 ​
ZELIKOW, MW 11-11:50am

Please email Pete Furia or Helena Zeweri about regional and other alternatives. 


GSGS 3100 Critical Conceptions of the Global
TIDEY, TR 5-6:15pm

Alternate Offerings:

SOC 2595 Immigration and Society
VICKERMAN, MW 3-3:50pm

RELG 3605 Religion, Violence and Strategy
NIBLOCK, M 5-7:30pm


Note: Our standard Humanities core course, “Global Cultural Studies,” is typically offered in spring. Below is an alternate offering:

SLTR 3300 Facing Evil in the 20th Century
TOLCZYK, TR 11-12:15pm


Note: Our standard Diagnostic core course, "Global Studies Epistemology, Methodology, and Methods," is typically offered in spring. Below are alternate offerings:

PLCP 1010 Comparative Politics
WALDNER, MW 11-11:50am
*For students graduating Class of '25 and earlier

PLIR 1010 International Relations
FURIA, MW 12-12:50 pm
*For students graduating Class of ‘25 and later

PLAD 2222 Research Methods
ZHIRKOV, TR 11-12:15pm

SOC 3120 Sociology Research Workshop
SKUBBY, MW 10-10:50am

STAT 1601 Intro to Data Science with
AFRIYE, MWF 10-10:50am

STAT 1602 Intro to Data Science with Python
BROWN, TR 3:30-4:45pm (session 001) or TR 5-6:15pm (session 002)

New Fall Electives

AMST 2559 Nonviolence in America

AMST 3790/ENGL 2790 Migration In/To the US

AMST 4559 Race, Criminality and Abolition

CS 4501 Cybersecurity and Elections

CS 4501 Data Privacy

HIEA 2101 Modern Korean History: One Peninsula, Two Paths

HIEU 3312 Europe at War 1939-1945: Occupation, Genocide, Resistance

HIME 2559 Modern History of Palestine/Israel

HIME 3501 Migration, Displacement and Diaspora in the Middle East

HIST 2213 The Rule of Law

PLCP 4500 Nation-Building

PLCP 4500 Indigenous Politics in the Americas

PLIR 4500 US-Russian Relations in Post-Soviet Era

PLPT 4500 Revolution

SLTR 3500 The Ukraine Crisis: East and West

SOC 4720 Nations and Nationalism

EDLF 3492 Political Dialogue

Perennial Fall Electives

AMST 3630 / ENGL 3924 Vietnam War in Literature and Film

CS 3710 Intro to Cybersecurity

CS 4630 Defense Against the Dark Arts

HIEA 2031 Modern China

HILA 3051 Modern Central America

HIST 3281 Genocide

PHIL 3010 Darwin and Philosophy

PLCP 3630 Politics in India and Pakistan

PLIR 1010 International Relations

PLIR 3760 Russia/USSR in World Affairs

PLIR 4320 Religion and War

PSYC 2600 Introduction to Social Psychology

RUTR 3340 Books Behind Bars

SOC 2230 Criminology

SOC 3410 Race and Ethnic Relations

WGS 3125 Transnational Feminism

WGS 3897 Gender, Violence and Social Justice

EDLF 2070 Effective Altruism

LPPS 3240 Terrorism and Counterterrorism

LPPS 3295 Global Humanitarian Crisis Response

LPPS 3310 Police-Community Relations

LPPS 3340 Innovating for Defense



African American Studies

AAS 4500 Black Women and Mass Incarceration

AAS 4570/RELG 4559 MLK Power, Love, Justice

American Studies

AMST 3630 / ENGL 3924 Vietnam War in Literature and Film 


ANTH 2250 Nationalism, Racism, Multiculturalism

ANTH 2375 Disaster

ANTH 2575 Migrants and Minorities

ANTH 2621 Culture, Gender and Violence

ANTH 2625 Imagining Africa

ANTH 3590, Indigenous Peoples and the State

ANTH 3700 Globalizing India


Computer Science

CS 3501 Introduction to Cybersecurity

CS 4630 Defense Against the Dark Arts 


East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures

CHTR 3122 Sunzi and the Art of War

KRTR 3800 Seminar on Korea: Division North and South



EDHS 3055 Development and Prevention of Youth Violence

EDLF 3610 Immigrant Youth and Families

EDLF 4260 International Human Rights Activism and Education   



ENGL 2599 The World Wars in European Literature



GETR 3390 Nazi Germany 

GETR 3462 Neighbors and Enemies 

GERM 3510 Exile and Migration

GETR 3590 Reporters at War

GETR/HIEU 3692 The Holocaust 


Global Studies

GSGS 3559 Religion, Violence, Strategy

GSSJ 3559 New Course in Security and Justice

GSGS 4100 Global Activism for Social Justice  

GSSJ 4993 Independent Study

GSSJ 4559/HIST 5559 Statecraft: History & Practice

(other GS courses very often count as well)



HIAF 2002 Modern African History

HIEA 2031 Modern China 

HIEA 3162 Historical China and the World

HIEA 3172 The Japanese Empire

HIEU 3442 European History, 1890-1954

HIEU 3695 The Holocaust and the Law 

HIEU 3702 Russia as Multi-Ethnic Empire

HIEU 3752 Evolution of the International System 1815-1950

HIEU 4502 World War II

HIEU 5312 Era of the World Wars, 1914-1945

HILA 3051 Modern Central America

HILA 3021 Human Rights in Latin America

HILA 3111 Public Life in Modern Latin America 

HILA 4501 The Mexican Revolution

HILA 4511 How to Tell Global Stories

HIME 2002 The Making of the Modern Middle East

HIME 2012 Palestine 1948 

HIME 3571 Arab History at the Movies

HIME 5002 Seeking Justice in the Middle East

HIME 5052 World War I in the Middle East

HISA 2003 History of Modern India

HISA 3003 Twentieth-Century South Asia

HIST 2011/HIEU 4502 History of Human Rights

HIST 3162 War and Society in the Twentieth Century

HIST 3281 Genocide 

HIST 3452 The Second World War

HIST 5130 Global Legal History 

HIUS 2052 America and War:1900 to the Present

HIUS 3172 America in Vietnam

HIUS 3456 History of U.S. Foreign Relations since 1914


Media Studies

MDST 3120 Global Media and Cybersecurity

MDST 3402 War and the Media 

MDST 3559 @Wars


Middle East Studies

MESA 2700 Recent Revolutions in the Islamic World



MUSI 3559 Amplified Justice


Pavillion Seminar

PAVS 4500 Humanitarianism



PHIL 2060 Philosophical Problems in Law 

PHIL 2770 Political Philosophy

PHIL 3010 Darwin and Philosophy 

PHIL 5510 International Political Philosophy



PLAD 2222 Research Methods 

PLAD 2500 Research Group on Civil Wars

PLCP 1010 Intro to Comparative Politics 

PLCP 3012 The Politics of Developing Areas 

PLCP 3170 Development, Conflict, and Democracy in Latin America

PLCP 3350 Gender Politics in Comparative Perspective

PLCP 3410 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

PLCP 3500 Grassroots Politics

PLCP 3630 Politics in India and Pakistan 

PLCP 4060 State-Emergence and State-Building

PLCP 4140 Democracy and Dictatorship 

PLCP 4180 Politics of the Holocaust

PLCP 4260 Origins of Legal Systems

PLCP 4400 Institutions and Democracy in Latin America

PLCP 4410 Nation-Building in Iraq

PLCP 4500 Power, Violence and Inequality in the Global South

PLCP 4500 Political Mayhem

PLCP 4810 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa

PLIR 1010 International Relations

PLIR 2030 International Relations of East Asia

PLIR 3060 Military Force in International Relations 

PLIR 3240 Anti-Terrorism and the Role of Intelligence

PLIR 3310 Ethics and Human Rights in World Politics 

PLIR 3400 Foreign Policy of the United States

PLIR 3500 Europe in Crisis

PLIR 3500 Terrorism and Political Violence

PLIR 3650 International Relations of the Middle East

PLIR 3760 Russia/USSR in World Affairs

PLIR 4150 Economics and National Security

PLIR 4310 Global Health and Human Rights

PLIR 4320 Religion and War 

PLIR 4350 Humanitarian Intervention and International Relations

PLIR 4430 Empire, Hegemony, Leadership

PLIR 4440 Domestic Politics and American Foreign Policy

PLIR 4450 The Clash of Ideas in World Politics 

PLIR 4500 American-Russian Relations

PLIR 4500 Citizenship and Migration

PLIR 4500 Issues in Democracy Promotion

PLIR 4630 Strategy, Conflict, and the Causes of War

PLPT 4050 Concepts of Law

PLPT 4500 Prisons

PLPT 4500 The Politics of Emergencies



PSYC 2600 Introduction to Social Psychology 

PSYC 4559 Human Nature and Genocide

PSYC 4559 Psychology of Police Investigations

PSYC 4559 The Psychology of Wrongful Imprisonment


Public Policy

LPPS 3240 Terrorism and Counterterrorism 

LPPS 3295 Humanitarian Crisis Response 

LPPP 3310 Police-Community Relations: Problems and Prospects 

LPPS 3340 - Hacking for Department of Defense Innovation 

LPPS 3415 Sci, Eng, Tech for National Security & Leadership

LPPP 3559 Police-Community Relations

LPPP 3559 Contemporary Issues in US National Security


Religious Studies

RELG 2300 Religious Ethics and Moral Problems

RELG 3410 Religion and Violence in Modern India

RELG 3605 Religion, Violence, Strategy 

RELG 3950 Evil in Modernity: Banal or Demonic

RELG 4500 God, Politics and War

RELG 4559/AAS 4570 MLK Power, Love, Justice

RELG 5320 Research Seminar in Religion, Conflict, and Peace

RELJ 2024 Jewish-Muslim Relations 


Slavic Languages and Literatures

RUTR 3340 Books Behind Bars 

SLTR 3300 Facing Evil in the Twentieth Century: Humanity in Extremis



SOC 2230 Criminology

SOC 2595 Immigration and Society 

SOC 3056 Culture and Power 

SOC 3410 Race and Ethnic Relations 

SOC 3480 Sociology of Globalization 

SOC 3820 Social Movements 

SOC 4750  Racism

SOC 3860 Religion and Secularization

SOC 4055 Sociology of Law

SOC 4059 Conflict

SOC 4559 Race, Crime, Punishment

SOC 4870 Immigration

SOC 5080 Comparative Historical Sociology

SOC 5140 Qualitative Methods

SOC 5400 Empires

Women, Gender & Sexuality

WGS 3130 Geographies of Desire

WGS 3340 Transnational Feminism 

WGS 3897 Gender Violence and Social Justice 

WGS 4050 Human Rights and Gender

WGS 4500 Violence Against Sexual Minorities 

WGS 4800 Gender-Based Violence

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