Global Public Health

Exploring the complex cultural, social, political, economic, and environmental conditions, factors and pathways that affect health, health care, access, and quality of life around the world.

Major Requirements

The major in Global Public Health requires 30 total credits plus a language competency as defined below. 


  • Choose 3 courses* from the following 4 areas:
    • Global History
    • Global Humanities
    • Global Cultures (Anthropology/Society)
    • Global Diagnostics (Quantitative)
      *We highly recommend that these be upper-level courses that align with the student's topical interest(s).


  • PHS 3825, Global Public Health: Challenges & Innovations
  • PHS 4050, Public Health Policy
  • PHS 3130 and/or 3103, Intro to Health Research Methods or Intro to Epidemiology
  • PHS 4991, Capstone Seminar - this course is only taught in Spring semesters


  • These courses will be selected carefully in consultation with an advisor, taking into account the student’s language proficiency, topic interests, or concentration in a world area.  PHS Study Abroad courses in Summer or J-Term may be used.
  • Electives must be preapproved for each student

LANGUAGE COMPETENCY (one of the below options)

  • One (1) course beyond the 2020 level of any language taught at UVA (or in an approved study-abroad program)
  • If a student has reached the 2020 level in one language but does not want to go further with that language, the student can satisfy the requirement by studying a second language and reaching the 1020 level.


  • We highly recommend a meaningful global experience directly related to the student's individualized global health focus. The U.S. may be an appropriate site.


** The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at