Global Public Health

Exploring the complex cultural, social, political, economic, and environmental conditions, factors and pathways that affect health, health care, access, and quality of life around the world.

GPH Capstone Theses

Expand the accordions below for Capstone titles of GPH Alumni. 

Class of 2021

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Abasenia (Joie) Asuquo   I Couldn’t Control COVID, But I Could Control My Eating”: Assessing the Impact of COVID-19-Related Responses on Individuals with Eating Disorders 
Adarsh Menon   Identifying Impediments to Optimal Palliative Healthcare Infrastructure and Accessibility in India
Aichatou Haidara   An Analysis of the Impact of The Socioeconomic Determinants of Malaria in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa on the Effectiveness of Prevention Initiatives 
Aisha Naseem   The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Psychiatric Outcomes in India and Pakistan: A Systematic Literature Review 
Alexa Bartels   Understanding and Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the United States
Alexa Vanderploeg   Factors that Affect the Neglect or Maltreatment of Infants and Children in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review 
Alexis Veltsistas   Systematic Review of the Impact of US Healthcare Nitrous Oxide Emissions on the Perpetuation of Climate Change 
Amanda Geyer   Comprehensive Sex Education as a Prevention Strategy for Sexual Violence: A Systematic Literature Review
Amelia Riegel   A Systematic Literature Review of Barriers to Accessing STI Testing and Care in the United States
Amy Luu   A Systematic Review of the Impacts of Food Insecurity on College Students in the United States 
Andrew Carr   The Effect of Persistent Discord on Ebola Transmission and Response Efforts Among Infected Populations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 
Andrew Vanichkachorn   A Systematic Literature Review Investigating the Health Outcomes of Two Common Categories of PPE Disposal Related Pollutants 
Areej Hashmi  Life Longevity: Understanding the Complexity of the Five Blue Zones 
Arezo Azizi   An Analysis of the Factors that Shape the Impact of eHealth Interventions Among Patients in Rural United States 
Ariele Macaranas   A Systematic Review of the Impact of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act on Unintended Pregnancy and Self-Induced Abortion Rates in the Philippines 
Ashley Nguyen   The Effect of Cancer Screening and Care on Health Outcomes and Solutions in Pacific Asia
Azza Mohamed   A Systematic Review of Intervention Strategies to Reduce the Practice of FGM in Sudan and their Effectiveness 
Baraa Osman   A Systematic Review of the Contributing Factors to Maternal Mortality in Sudan 
Bezawit Delelegn   A Systematic Review on the Challenges that Affect the Availability, Quality, and Utilization of Programs Targeted Towards Addressing Maternal Mortality in Rural Ethiopia
Caroline Hallowell   Not Built to Weather the Storm: A Systematic Literature Review of Barriers to Equitable Chronic Condition Management Following a Natural Disaster in the Caribbean
Cecilia Rabayda   Disordered Eating in Youth from Low-Income Southeast Asia: A Systematic Review 
Colette Morlino   Impacts of Environment and Host Interactions on Trypanosoma Cruzi Vector Prevalence and Transmission 
Courtney Masotti   An Analysis of Sexual Education Program Development In Uganda 
Diana Rosales   The Effect of the Total Criminalization of Abortion on Women’s Physical and Mental Health in El Salvador: A Systematic Review 
Diana Tinta  COVID-19 Infection Rates, Morbidity, & Mortality Among Undocumented Populations
Elizabeth Schurman   Influences of Colonial Legacies on Contemporary Health Landscapes of Francophone Africa 
Emilie Grard   Barriers to Accessing Emergency Obstetric Care in Sierra Leone 
Emily Elmore   An Analysis of the Adverse Health Outcomes Experienced by Female Sex Workers Within the United States Sex Industry and the Benefits of Decriminalization Toward the Protection of Women’s Right to Health 
Emily Tillet   Roads Diverged: The Movement for Liberalization of Abortion Law in Post-Democratization Argentina and Brazil 
Esther Xu   An Analysis of Rural and Indigenous Health Disparities in Panama
Ethan Honeycutt   A Systematic Review of HIV/Sexual Risk Factors Experienced by Indian and Pakistani Transgender Women 
Geetika Guturu   The Impact of Barriers and Facilitators on Dengue Prevention in India 
Grace Gyamfi   What is the Effectiveness of Abstinence-Only Sexual Education Versus Comprehensive Sexual Education in Preventing Risky Sexual Behavior Amongst Adolescents in the United States? 
Grace Leasure   The Impact of COVID-19 on the Delivery of Emergency Care in Different Health Systems
Gurveer Dulai   Barriers and Facilitators to the Access of Mental Health Services Across India 
Ibtehal (Lulu) Jastaniah   Exploring Community-Based and Integrated Mental Health Care in Middle Eastern Refugee Communities
Ibukunoluwa Omole   The Factors Which Affect the Health Outcomes of Black Queer Mothers in the USA 
Isabel Glass   The Effectiveness of Faith-Based HIV/AIDS Prevention Intervention Strategies at Increasing Adherence to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment among African Americans in the United States
Jacklyn Chen   Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of COVID-19 Responses 
Jean Nunez  The Promises & Limitations of Socioeconomic Interventions for Tuberculosis Treatment in Middle-Income Countries & Peru: A Systematic Literature Review 
Joya Bhattacharyya   A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Community-Based Mental Health Programs in Improving Chronic Mental Health Outcomes in Rural India 
Julia Phaltankar   Effects of Mental Health Stigma on the Mental Health Help-Seeking Behaviors of Asian-Americans
Justine Kaskel   The Obstacles and Facilitators to Quality Mental Health Care in U.S. Nursing Homes 
Kaitlin McCarthy   A Systematic Review of Community Perceptions and Experiences During Superfund Site Remediation 
Karmine Malhi   The Influence of Social Stigma and Culture on Women’s Sexual Behaviors in India: A Systematic Literature Review 
Katherine Bae   The Relationship Between Wasteful Medical Practices and Negative Health Outcomes in the United States: A Systematic Literature Review 
Kayla Lundberg   Don't Get Me Started About Opioids: An Analysis of the Power Dynamic of Key Stakeholders Within the U.S. Opioid Epidemic 
Lana Kheir   A Systematic Review of the Impact of Infectious Disease Prevention Policies Employed in Syrian Refugee Camps and Informal Communities 
Lina Modjarrad   The Impact of Race and Geography on Maternal Morbidity and Maternal Mental Health in New York City 
Lucy Hay   The Barriers to Effective Health System Decentralization Reforms in Nicaragua 
Lyndsay Brooks   The Impact of State Maternal Health Policies on Maternal Mortality Rates in the United States: A Systematic Literature Review of Maternal Health Policies in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Nevada 
Mackenzie Dorsey   The Unexpected Frontrunner: Factors that Led to the Rapid Rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccine in West Virginia 
Madeline Crockett   The Impact of Communication Difficulties on Deaf Mental Health 
Madison Smither   Sinkholes, Fumes, and 15 Superdomes of Toxic Waste: The Economic, Political, and Social Foundations of “Cancer Alley” Louisiana 
Malia Valentine   The Impact of Mass Incarceration on African-American Health Outcomes in the United States
Malvika Venkataraman  Predicting Global Disease Outbreaks Using Analytical Insights: A Systematic Literature Review
Margaret Self   The Impact of Insurance Coverage and Prenatal Care Utilization on Racial Disparities in Maternal Mortality Rates in The United States 
Mary-Parker White   An Analysis of the Mental Health Effects of Motherhood on Women of Low-Income, Minority Race or Ethnicity, and Young Age 
Maslyn Pessner   Midwife and Doula Care as a Policy Solution to Racial Disparities in U.S. Maternal Health 
McKenna Smith   A Systematic Review of the Deficiencies within the United States Mental Health Care System 
Morgan Stilley  What Approaches Could be Effective in Reducing HPV & Cervical Cancer Rates in the Domincan Republic? 
Narjes Bencheikh Structural Intervention Models for Gender-Based Violence in the Middle East & North Africa 
Natalie Rosenthal   An Analysis of the Barriers and Facilitators that Affect the Maternal Mortality Rate in Low Income Populations in the United States of America 
Nazaneen Saleh   Determinants of Health Literacy for Minority Groups in the United States: A Systematic Review 
Olivia Frye   The factors Affecting the Access Kidney Transplantation Surgeries Among Health Disparity Populations in the United States: A Review of the Literature 
Payal Asri   The Effects of Increased Technology Use on the Mental Health of Young People: A Systematic Review
Peter McPherson   A Systematic Literature Review Investigating the Effectiveness of Stigma Reducing Interventions for Mental Health In Asia 
Pumoli Malapati   An Unrecognized Neglected Tropical Disease: HTLV-1 in Rural Peru 
Ravi Suresh   Examining Effective Features of High-Rise Buildings to Improve Health Outcomes of its Residents
Rebecca Meaney   The Impact of Access to Reproductive Education Resources in Secondary Schools on Unplanned Pregnancy Rates, Contraceptive Use, and Age of Sexual Engagement among Teens in the United States: A Systematic Literature Review 
Rebecca Rainey   A Systematic Literature Review of the Impact of Climate Change on the Health of Native Communities in the North American Arctic 
Regina Taylor   What are the Socioeconomic Barriers to the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease in Low-Income, Rural African-American Communities? 
Roxanna Mosavian   The Effects of Political and Corporate Actions on the Physical Environment and their Influence on Native American Health Outcomes during the Twentieth Century 
Sailaja Dokku   The Influence of Culture on the Health of Sex Workers in South Asia: A Systematic Review 
Saman Hameed   The Effectiveness of Interventions for Youth and Adolescent Mental Health in India: A Systematic Literature Review 
Sarah Garzione  The Intermediary Role of a Highly-Processed Diet in the Relationship Between Economic Strain & Depression in Young Adults in the United States & an Intervention Strategy
Sarah Smallets   Addressing the Gender-Based Violence and HIV Epidemics in South Africa Through Identification of Common Risk Factors: A Systematic Literature Review 
Simrat Jassal   A Systematic Review of the Impact of Green Space Exposure on the Mental Health of Children in the U.S.
Sonja Kapadia   An Analysis of the Range and Effectiveness of Spoken-Language Interpretation Services in US Emergency Departments
Surya Mehta   The Effect of Socio-Cultural Attitudes Regarding Menstruation on the Public Health Challenges Faced by Adolescent Women in India 
Tamara Moscovich   A Comparison of Factors influencing HIV/AIDS Prevention, Diagnosis, and Care for Latinx Immigrants in Different Regions of the United States 
Uchenna Oguagha   Maternal Health in Nigeria: An Analysis of Patriarchy and its Effect on Nigerian Mothers and Healthcare Systems 
Vy Nguyen   The Effect of Old and New Cultural Norms on the Rise of Eating Disorders in South Korean Adolescent Women 

Class of 2019

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Alexus Harris Dental Caries Among Children in Rural and Border Communities in Texas. 
Allison Sullivan Maternal Mortality in African American Women in the United States. 
Allyson Sloan Addressing The Downward Spiral: Increasing Suicide Rates of White Males in the Rural United States. 
Brooke Albertson The Malnourished Obese: An Examination of Micronutrient Deficiencies in Obese New York Children. 
Caroline Beck Adverse Fetal Outcomes Among Non-Western Immigrant Women in Denmark. 
Christian Vagonis Mass Migration's Hidden Epidemic: Addressing the Behavioral and Mental Health Needs of Refugee Youth. 
Christopher Joly Access to Potable Water in the Philippines: Challenges and Solutions. 
Claire Saunders Influenza Vaccine Access in India. 
Daniel Xia A Crisis in the Chinese Healthcare System: Addressing the Shortage of Primary Care Physicians in China.
Elana Silverstein Killer Crisis: The Opioid Epidemic in America.
Elma Adusei Nigeria's Persisting Blight of Maternal Mortality. 
Emily Murphy An Unrecognized Neglected Tropical Disease: HTLV-1 in Rural Peru. 
Garrison McCray The Right to Breathe: A Political Analysis of Acute Asthma Symptoms in Venezuelan Children. 
Gavin Hanks The Healthcare Disparity in the Appalachian Region of the United States. 
Genna Alperin Mental Illness in Undocumented Latino Immigrants in the United States. 
Hannah Day "People talk of hope and wait for it to reveal itself.  For many, it is an elusive experience".  Suicide Among Adolescents and Young Adults in Inuit Nunangat, Canada.
Hannah Smith Food Insecurity in Urban America. 
Holly Miller Restoring Agency: HIV Trends and Prevention among South African Youth. 
Jasmine Jones Ending Maternal Mortality in Jamaica. 
Jessica Amick "Cut it Out!" Examining Causes and Solutions to the High Cesarean Section Rates in the U. S.
Jessica Pitkin Scaling Back: Moving from Reactive Treatment Towards Proactive Prevention by Implementing a Systems Approach to Pediatric Obesity. 
Jessica Zhang Addressing Child Malnutrition in the Dadaab Refugee Complex. 
Joseph Leonard Examining the Effects of Work Commute on Stress Among White Collar Employees and Identifying Policy Interventions. 
Joy Collins Yemen Torn Asunder: A Story of Climate Change, Conflict, & A Country in Crisis. 
Juliette Lash Tackling Food Insecurity in Kenya's Refugee Camps. 
Jullian Fleming HIV Among Females in South Africa. 
Katherine Becker Food Insecurity among Women in Malawi. 
Katherine Portillo Combating Child Malnutrition in Guatemala. 
Khoa Nguyen Old Town Road: Addressing Rural Healthcare Access in Peruvian Andes. 
Kibret Yohannes Interactions of Gender and Disease: Women and Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Kirsta Hackmeier The Path to Least Resistance: Preventing Antibiotic Resistance in Chinese Animal Agriculture. 
Ky Nguyen Agent Orange: America's Enduring Legacy in Vietnam. 
Lauryn Major Code Black: Addressing Maternal Mortality in African-American Women. 
Leah Salzano Invisible Scars: Addressing the Mental Health Effects of Sexual Violence in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
Lindsey Kirk Recent Suicide Trends of Low-Income Men in Rural America. 
Logan Brich Integrated Mental Healthcare Solutions within Arab Communities in Israel. 
Mackenzie Shannon Early Marriage of Girls in sub-Saharan Africa as a Public Health Concern. 
Mahnoor Khurshid When Lifestyle Becomes Lethal: The Growing Diabetes Epidemic in Pakistan. 
Margaret Clinard An Examination of Opioid Addiction and Intervention Strategies in White Males Living in Rural Areas of the United States. 
Marissa Jones Lower Quality of Care for Black Pregnant Women in the United States. 
Martha Anne Sperandio Charity Begins at Home:  A Growing Population of Orphans due to HIV/AIDS Deaths in South Africa. 
Matilda Francis Gonorrhea in Southern United States. 
Michael Jarosz Pollution-Linked Lung Cancer: The Silent Killer in Urban Environments. 
Mikayla Marraccini Prenatal Care in the Medicaid Population: An Analysis and Intervention Proposal. 
Molly Roberson Do No Harm? The Opioid Crisis among Women in Appalachia. 
Mona Bugaighis An Analysis of Social/Cultural Determinants of Adolescent Pregnancy in Nicaragua and Proposed Interventions.
Neeka Nazari Violence Against Young Women in South Africa. 
Nikki Ligo Lack of Sanitation for Women in India. 
Nisha Gupta Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Peru. 
Olivia Fanet Health Disparities in Maternal Mortality of African American Women in the United  States. 
Paolo Abiad Breaking Bonds - Addressing Mass Incarceration, Mental Health, & Minorities in the U.S. 
Piper Shifflet Lessons From Crisis and Health Systems Rebuilding: Sierra Leone and the Ebola Outbreak of 2014
Rachael Jackson Lack of Adherence to HIV Prevention Strategies in South Africa. 
Rana Abdel-Rahman From One Outbreak to Another: Hepatitis C in Egypt
Rebecca Soistmann Has Health Care for the Poor Become Poor Health Care?: Addressing Health Inequities to Better Health Outcomes for Homeless Persons. 
Ruhee Shah "A Fate Worse Than Death": Obstetric Fistula in India. 
Sabrina Lingeman HPV-Related Cervical Cancer in Undocumented Central American Migrants in the United States. 
Sarah Maclin A High Pressure Situation: Maternal Morality Due to Eclampsia in Haiti. 
Selena Moore Tackling Health Disparities in the United States: Addressing Low Prostate Cancer Screening Rates in African American Men. 
Shadelle Gregory Opioid Crisis in Mingo County, West Virginia. 
Sharavani Pore Addressing a Preventable Death: Maternal Morality in India. 
Sophie Binns The Chronicity of Violence. 
Taylor Watts  Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention in Mainland China. 
Wayland Good, Jr The Alcoholism Crisis in Uganda: Bringing Awareness to Alcohol Addiction as a Preventable Disease. 

Class of 2018

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Alexis Graham Access to Primary Care in Rural Appalachia.
Alisha Gupta Public Health in the 21st Century: The Age of Depression and Anxiety. 
Allysen Kaminski Maternal Mortality: A Look at the Effects of Doula Integration, Black Female-Specific Community Health Centers, and Ethnic Competency Training on Black Female Health in the United States. 
Amber Colby Alcohol Dependence in Uganda.
Bintu Fofana One Foot in the Grave: A Review of Maternal Health and Mortality in Sierra Leone. 
Cailin Diberto The Syrian Civil War & Mental Health Disorders Among Children: Theory and Interventions. 
Caroline Snead A Hidden Public Health Crisis: Dental Caries in Mayan Guatemala & Proposed Interventions.
Cassidy Boomsma Humanizing Birth: Analysis of interventions Addressing Medically Unnecessary Caesarean Sections in South Africa. 
Connor McKee Breast vs. Formula: What Causes the Choice for Mexican Mothers of Low Socioeconomic Status. 
Cristalle Madray Breaking the Cycle: Child Sexual Abuse in Guyana, South America. 
Devan Kaufman Severe Maternal Morbidity in the Latinx Community. 
Domenic Crump African American Maternal Mortality: Why They Are Dying and How We Can Help.
Hannah Paige Rogers Prevention of Mother-to-Child-Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Zambia: Challenges and Interventions. 
Hannah Turley Falsified and Substandard Drugs in East Africa: Existence, Effects, and Future Efforts. 
Katherine Carr Respiratory Illness Among Children in the Dominican Republic. 
Kathleen Risk Barriers to Health Care Access for Mexican Immigrants in the United States: Causes and Interventions. 
Kathleen Todd Improving Female Mental Health in Nicaragua: Evaluating Root Causes and Intervention Possibilities. 
Lauren Welch The Sexually Transmitted Superbug: Reducing the Burden of Drug Resistant Gonorrhea in Ecuador. 
Lindsey Decker Preterm Birth Rates in America: An Analysis of Racial Disparities. 
Logan Haley Lack of Access to Primary Care in Niger: Problem and Intervention Theory.
Mavra Masood Why Do Mothers Die? Addressing Maternal Mortality in Pakistan. 
Maya Johnson Childhood Obesity: A Brazilian Burden. 
Nan Sowers Barriers to Access to Antenatal Care: Hispanic/Latina Adolescents in the United States. 
Oyebade Morenike Social Code vs. Genetic Code: Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Diabetes in African-American Communities.
Paige Cozort Why are American Teens Still Getting Pregnant and What Can Be Done? 
Rachel McConaughy Infectious Diseases in Amazonian Peru: Natural and Social Environment Implications for Disease Transmission in Children. 
Rachel Schelling A Woman Walks Home Alone at Night….An Evaluation of Gender-Based Violence in Iran.
Rohan Sharma A House of Pills: Examining the Opioid Crisis and Possible Interventions. 
Sajan Sheth Mitigating the Prevalence of Diabetes in Indian Urban Areas. 
Sara  Curley The Malnourished American Girl: Anorexia Nervosa in Adolescents in the United States. 
Sarah Quettawala Former Child Soldiers in East African Countries: A Look at the Effects of Community Based Trauma-Therapy, Continued Education, and Psychosocial Support Programs on Mental Health Illnesses. 
Sedona  Hoppe-Brosse Poor Mental Health Outcomes Amongst Immigrants in Sweden: The Perils of Post-migration. 
Stephanie Davis Addressing the High Prevalence of Stunting Among Mayan Children in Guatemala. 
Takyiwaa Awuah Obesity in the Classroom. 
Tamir Abbasi Pneumonia Related Mortality in Children Under Five: South Africa
Taylor Puhl The Rising Burden of Cardiovascular Disease on the Zambian Populations: How Prevention for Adolescents Can Change the Future. 

Class of 2017

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Andrea Myers Dietary Guidelines for Americans: The Development and Influence Behind a Nation's Nutrition Policy.
Andrew Fernandez Pharmaceutical Market Exclusivity and Competitive Generics: Generic Drug Delay and Strategies for Improved Entry. 
Brittany Hsieh Are We Doing Enough? An Analysis of How Well the University of Virginia is Providing Mental Health Services to its Student Body.
Collin Montgomery Evidence Based Healthcare Design: Maximizing Capacity for Cost-Effectiveness in Hospital Healing Gardens.
Dana Lueker Improving Maternal-Infant Health Among Aboriginal Australians.
Daniel Younger Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Their Role in Curbing the Opioid Crisis. 
David Silverman Quality Over Quantity: The Role of Family in Black Adolescents' Mental Health and Behaviors.
Eisha Jain Tuberculosis Crossing Borders: A Case Study of Israel to Inform Today's Refugee Crisis. 
Elena Price Exploring the Implementation of School Breakfast Programs in Mexico City to Encourage Healthy Weight in School Children and Address the Childhood Obesity Epidemic. 
Emily Cloyd A New Perspective on Non-Adherence: The Effect of Alcohol-ART Interactive Toxicity Beliefs on Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa and the United States
Geda Tola Disparities in Cancer Treatment and Survival in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. 
Hannah Eisenstein Labor Mobility and Credential Recognition: Targeting Employment Barriers to Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Refugees. 
Hunter Timm How Mental Healthcare Programs Help Reduce Criminal Recidivism in Persons with Serious Mental Illness.
Jennifer Kniss Maternal Mortality in Cameroon and Uganda: Challenges and Initiatives for a Brighter Future. 
Jennifer Oates Understanding HIV Health-Seeking Behaviors of High-Risk South African Populations: The Impact of Educational Programs and Cultural (Mis)conceptions.
Katharine Britton Effects of Legalization of Abortion on Women's Health in Mexico
Lee Siegle Migrant Healthcare in the United States: How the Lack of Healthcare Access for Mexican Farm Laborers Who Have Migrated to the United States Negatively Affects Health both in the United States and Mexico. 
Madeline McGovern Body Politic: The State's Influence on Women's Bodies and its Impact on Abortion Rates in Vietnam. 
Madeline Reinert Understanding Community Reentry for Formerly Incarcerated Populations with Mental Illness: A Review of Best Practices.
Mary Kate Skalitzky Athletes and Gender-Based Violence (GBV): A Review of the Correlation between GBV and Athletes & the Potential Pathways to Combat it. 
Rebecca Vang What Do They Bring to the Table? A Comparative look at School Lunch Policies in Japan, Denmark, and the United States. 
Ryan Orr Bringing Healthcare Access to Underserved Populations: How Telehealth Delivery in Virginia's Appalachia Stands to Serve the World. 
Samuel Kraus Public Health XXX: Determining the Crisis Status of Pornography Use in the United States. 
Seamus Vahey Comparing Communicable and Noncommunicable Disease Control in Humanitarian Crisis. 
Sundus Razzaq Access to Mental Health Services by Resettled Refugees in the U.S.: Identifying Barriers and Suggesting Interventions Strategies. 
William Pavlis Climate Change, Health, and Adaptation in Ethiopia: Impact Report and Policy Recommendations. 

Class of 2016

Student Name Title of Capstone Thesis
Abate Hiwot The Disparity in Ebola Outbreak Response in Sierra Leone & Nigeria.
Akif Shameem The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations on the Reduction of Childhood Mortality in Bangladesh between 1971 to 2015.
Amira Youssef Exploring the Medicalization of Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt.
Annie Wattenmaker  Contrasting Maternal Health in Sri Lanka & India: How India Can Improve Maternal Health After Decades of Neglect. 
Bansi Patel Cultural Nuances & Mental Health in Rural Indian Women & Implications for Healthcare Delivery.
Brogan Jones Indigenous Healthcare in Peru & Mexico: Improving Indigenous People's Access to Quality Healthcare.
Bryn Blanks The Impact of Rural Living on Maternal Health Outcomes in Guatemala.
Cailey Munana Food Insecurity & the Nutrition Transition in the United States & Low-Income Countries. 
Ciara Hutchison Faith, Morality & the Sickness that Ends in Death: Pentecostal Christianity & HIV in Africa. 
Claire Bischoff The Effect of Global Climate Change on the Spread of West Nile Virus in the United States.
Courtney Rogers Building Appropriate & Sustainable University-Community Partnerships with Historically Marginalized Populations.
Emily Romano Growing Old in the U.S.: Exploring the Practical Implementation of World Health Organization Recommendations for Healthy Ageing in the U.S. 
Grace Tuttle Substance Abuse in the Appalachian Region & The Navajo Nation & Potential Whole-Person & Community-Based Innovations.
Helen Dawson Advantage of Community-Level Initiatives in Treating HIV in India: Dealing with Stigmatization & Discrimination
Kylie Chase Focus on the Formula Frenzy & Its Implications in the Most Populous & Fastest Growing Country on the Globe: China. 
Lauren Russell Global Oral Health: The Burden of Dental Caries in Low-Income Populations.
Madelaine Shiff Mental Healthcare Structures in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Current Systems & Recommendations for the Future. 
Maha Hassan  Improving the Status of Maternal health in Morocco
Matthew Cafarella  Innovations from Abroad: Ideas to Promote Healthcare Improvement. 
Nuhame Mulgara  From Chains to Treatment: An Analysis of Mental Health Care in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria & Uganda. 
Samantha Thurber A New Site of Reproductive Oppression: Sexual Abuse & the Reproductive Health of Migrant Female Farmworkers in the U.S. 
Sarah Gillespie Analysis of Collaborative Quality Efforts in Ethiopian Hospitals, A Case Study of EHMI.
Sarah Heaps Improving the Health of Children with Disabilities in South Africa.
Siobhan Perks Health Concerns Associated with Return Migration from the United States to Mexico.