Major Requirements

The major in Global Commerce in Culture and Society requires 30 total credits plus two pre-requisite courses and a language competency as defined below. 


  • One (1) course in ANTH or SOC
  • ECON 2010, 2020, or 3010


  • GCCS 3010 Global Commerce in Culture and Society
    • To be taken in the first semester of the student’s third year
  • GCCS 4991 Fourth Year Seminar
    • To be taken in the second semester of the student’s fourth year
    • Each student will complete a major research paper
  • One (1) ANTH, GS, or SOC core course in Social and Cultural Analysis such as:
    • ANTH 2120 The Concept of Culture, ANTH 2250 Nationalism, Racism, and Multiculturalism, ANTH 2400 Language and Culture, SOC 2320 Gender and Society, SOC 3056 Culture and Power, SOC 3410 Race and Ethnic Relations; titles and course numbers vary from semester to semester
  • One (1) ANTH, GS, or SOC core course in Political Economy such as:
    • ANTH 2285 Anthropology of Development and Humanitarianism, ANTH 3220 Economic Anthropology, ANTH 3325 Capitalism: Cultural Perspectives, GSGS 3112 Global Perspectives on Corruption, SOC 2442 Systems of Inequality, SOC 2900 Economy and Society, SOC 3480 Sociology of Globalization, SOC 3710 Organizations, Institutions, Markets; titles and course numbers vary from semester to semester 


  • Two courses in Professional Writing, Data Analysis (e.g., Statistics, Video or Text Analysis, Ethnography, Survey Methods, Research Design, Logic and Rhetoric), or Computer Programming; students can also count a maximum of one Accounting course towards the methods requirement.



  • Four (4) SOC, ANTH, or other courses to be chosen in consultation with an advisor who will help the student put together a suite of courses that will give the student background on a topic or geographic area to be pursued as a research project culminating in the research paper for GCCS 4991.
  • Two of these courses must be at the 3000 level or above.

LANGUAGE COMPETENCY (one of the below options)

  • One (1) course beyond the 2020 level of any language taught at UVA (or in an approved study-abroad program)
  • If a student has reached the 2020 level in one language but does not want to go further with that language, the student can satisfy the requirement by studying a second language and reaching the 1020 level.

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