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Aigrain Global Scholarship


The Aigrain Fund for Economic Development was established by the generous gift of Jacques Aigrain in 2007. Each year the Aigrain Global Scholarship program awards up to $4,000 in scholarship to at least two undergraduate students who are interested in any or all of the following:

  • Engaging in a serious research/academic project in any developing country.
  • Applying for an independent internship in an emerging market.
  • Working on a faculty-directed field project in a developing country.

The student’s planned research or internship must be approved/sponsored by a Global Studies faculty member or part of a Education Abroad program led by a Global Studies faculty member. Preference will be given to work connected with a Global Studies faculty member’s ongoing research. Please reference our website to see a list of all core faculty.

Applicants are encouraged to pursue significant and innovative learning through research, education abroad, or internships that have the potential for continued inquiry.


Successful applicants must:

  • Maintain good academic and disciplinary standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Study or perform research in a country with “Medium to Low Human Development” scores on the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI)  (preferred)
  • Demonstrate Global Studies faculty approval/support for research project (provide faculty name in narrative or a letter of support)
  • If applying for internship: an internship application or letter of support must be in progress by the scholarship application deadline.

To Apply

Download and complete the following documents and upload them to this portal before the stated deadline(s).

  1. Proposal Narrative (500 words max.)
  2. Proposal Budget 

Deadline to Apply

            Summer/Fall Travel: Friday, February 23, 2024 @ 5:00 pm

Award recipients are expected to

  • Comply with Institutional Review Board (IRB) research policies and protocols.
  • Upon completion of your research or internship experience, recipients are required to submit a 1,000 word report describing your activities, pursuit of goals, challenges and accomplishments, along with a photo of yourself for our website.

Scholarship Disbursement

We expect all students to understand and abide by the policies and guidelines presented on the University Policy on Student International Travel page; please read them carefully. 

Undergraduate Students traveling for university-related purposes outside a study abroad program must complete a Travel Registration prior to departure. Registration includes insurance enrollment and a “COVID Plan” addressing border or quarantine requirements for your itinerary. Registrations are reviewed for completion, and travelers will receive an email confirmation once all requirements have been met. Scholarship funds will be disbursed upon approval of travel by ISO.  Funds for summer travel will be disbursed no sooner than May. 

2023 Scholarship Recipients - Autumn Jeter (GDS'24), Ben Ross (GDS'24), and Francis Montevilla (GDS'24)!

VNU-USSH student Ha and Autumn Jeter at the Museum of Ethnology.
Mama Rosemary, her son and Ben Ross at their home in Kitengela.









Download Autumn's full report.

Download Ben's full report.